HR Improv Theatre

Why HR Improv?


The future of HR is anyone’s guess at the moment. We believe the window is wide open for us to make bold and creative changes to how we think the people agenda.

What is the future of the people role at work?

From improv comes insight – by dropping your guard, you let go of what you have and thereby receive what you need 

  • Theatre lets us try a new reality
  • By putting HR into the creative, risk-embracing context of theatre, it allows us to reframe the familiar, make fun of the sacred, and try on the inconceivable (yes, that word means what we think it means.)
  • As HR we then go back to holding the brush-in-hand to paint the organizations of the future that we need full of centaur talent and  practices beyond hacks.

What can one expect?

  1. As part of the DESIGN team, to have fun while going outside of the comfort-zone into the learning zone
  2. Co-DESIGNERs are the rebels, rogues and curious - some may have day-jobs as practitioners (HR managers, CLOs, VPs HR, Talent Directors) some as consultants, freelancers or recruiters, some as gurus or researchers, some may be TBD.  Many come from inside HR - many come from outside HR
  3. The only pre-req is the belief that together we can change up the game. We believe power is in the mix working together rather than in isolation.
  4. This group of Co-DESIGNERS will create the #HRImprov Theatre event to be held in face-to-face in May

If you wish to find out more about what happened at the Creepin It Real Design Event in October - here are some insights